Green Valley, Nevada Real Estate

Famous for being the first master-planned community built in Southern Nevada, Green Valley has maintained its status as an elegant and luxurious neighborhood. With numerous amenities including shopping, dining, and nightclubs, Green Valley is a favorite destination of young professionals who are looking to settle down and establish careers in the area. Located near many of the state's best colleges and universities, it has been able to attract a well-educated crowd that recognizes all the area has to offer.

Real Estate

Whether it's a single-family home or a condominium, Green Valley residents look forward to having exquisite views of nearby mountains as well as the Las Vegas strip. For those who want to live the life of luxury while still having the convenience of downtown living, Green Valley can accommodate those tastes as well. In fact, more and more retirees have been finding their way to Green Valley in recent years, often due to the reputation the area has for being safe and friendly.

Living in Green Valley

As with many of the state's master-planned communities, Green Valley caters to those who want to lead an active lifestyle. Golf courses, parks filled with hiking and biking trails, and numerous open spaces for picnics and long walks all add up to make the area one of the state's most popular neighborhoods in which to settle down. When it comes to public schools, the area is considered to be far ahead of many similar school systems in the nation. Due to its excellent community reputation, it has been able to attract more and more teachers who plan to make long-term commitments to the school system and its students.

Activities & Lifestyle

During a typical day in Green Valley, residents can be found doing a variety of activities. Retirees and stay-at-home moms can often be found strolling around Galleria at Sunset, a local shopping mall filled with plenty of today's most popular stores. And for those who want to be outside virtually all the time, golf courses are filled to the max with those looking for that elusive ace. If it's luxury and perfection you're seeking, you'll find it at Green Valley.

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